• CategoryUX/UI, Branding
  • ClassInteraction Design 2
  • DateFall 2018


The assignment was to design the UI and UX of an app with elderly accessibility in mind. Elder is a no-frills routine management app for the technology-averse senior. The app was designed to be displayed on a large device and requires no interaction from the senior user, so they are able to receive information without needing how to learn to use the device. The displayed information is input by caregivers who can access a different mode of the app through any mobile device.

Hero's journey exercise - creating the whole user story


The concept of Elder was inspired by some of the challenges my 88-year-old grandfather faces as he gets older. One of his most common struggles is not remembering whether or not he has eaten his last meal, and keeping track of appointments and the logistics surrounding them.

My grandfather never adopted the use of technology, and rejected cellphones from the start. Needless to say, it would be incredibly difficult to teach him how to use a device that is completely foreign to him.

For him, I wanted to design a very non-obtrusive app that would be seen only when he wanted to see it, and not the other way around.


User Groups

I kept three user groups in mind throughout the conceptualisation of Elder, and thought of the user flows associated with the main people who would be interacting with the app.

Elderly Person

  • Starting to struggle with memory loss – including their mealtimes
  • Not extremely comfortable with technology
  • Feels like they are constantly needing to ask for help and losing sense of independence


  • Able to log meals and appointments
  • Assists in documenting information for the elderly user

Family Members

  • Able to keep track of their elderly family member’s well-being from anywhere
  • Able to log meals and appointments

Interaction Flow

Both modes have its own interaction flow. The senior mode view is designed with accessibility in mind, using large text and buttons with minimal functionality so as to not complicate the user experience and alienate users. There are only two states as I wanted to limit the need for interaction with the device, but the user will have the option to mark events as completed.

The caretaker view is designed for mobile devices, with two very simple functions – logging meals/appointments, and viewing logged information. Multiple users can view and edit the same Elder's logs, allowing family members to check up on their Elder inconspicuously.

Senior user flow

Caretaker user flow