• CategoryWeb Development
  • ClassProgramming Basics
  • DateSpring 2017

Cynical Weather

Cynical Weather is a web app that gives you the current weather at your device's geographical location in a carefully curated selection of words (read: my words).

The concept was inspired by Boston’s tempermental (pun absolutely intended) weather, and the cognitive dissonance between the numbers I read and what I feel. Because what does 50F really mean?

The vague nature of the descriptions is a reflection of both my terrible sense of humour, and my complete distrust in the daily weather forecast.

Cynical Weather is not going to tell you what the heat index or air pressure is outside – there are a billion apps for that – but it will tell you if you need an umbrella, or if you should just stay inside with a bottle of wine.

Unfortunately the weather API I used is no longer being maintained, but I will get round to fixing it on a rainy day!